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About SaiAmit

Saiamit (Amit Kumar) is graduate and learned Astrology, Vastu, Reiki, Lama Fera, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy And Past Life Regression and Theta healing. After going deep into these subjects, he is practicing as an Astrology, Vastu, Reiki, Lama Fera, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy ,Past Life Regression and Theta Healing therapy consultant.

He has started practicing Astrology and Vastu etc in a very original and natural way which has been forgotten to practice these days. His practice is originally very deep and requires Talents, Skills, Intuitions, Pure Heart, Pure Spirit and Honesty.

He belongs to a highly educated family and had no problems in his life except one which turned his life. That problem was previous births death experiences. He had experience of death and experience of after death in his memories.

He always wanted to realize the purpose of his birth. To know all these things he learned Astrology and so many Occult Sciences to know about Atma (Soul), Birth, Death and Laws of Nature.

In the process of study he also traveled in the Himalayas and mostly holy places to find answers to his questions and gain power to see his five previous births. This experience again pushed him towards adhyatm very seriously. These experiences made him realize the sin, virtue and karma.

He found that good karma is the only way to give peace to the soul. To start good karma from his side he started an astrology centre name SAI ASTROLOGY CENTRE at DELHI, INDIA. He practiced to go into depth of ones life and finds the purpose of birth and the karma for which God has sent him and punishments that is yet to be completed.
He advises his clients not to go against nature and to live within the will of god. Everything will be fine thereafter. By God's grace many people have approached him and found proper guidance and spiritual support in their lives. Gradually his clients have increased all over India and rest of the world. He has many clients in USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, RUSSIA, U.K., AND MAURITIUS.

Everyone is approaching him to get proper guidance to take the important decisions of life and to give correct direction to their life. He says "Life is very important it should not be wasted. Everyone is unique and God has sent them for special purpose. Nobody is unimportant or bad. Everyone is playing his role as per wish of God. So one should not get worried for what is happening in their life. They should ask a good astrologer for guidance to know the wish of God and their role in this world and must work hard to satisfy their soul and God's will".

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