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Your special site from the east to the west…SAIAMIT is professionals Jyotish - Hindu Astrology, Vastu, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression therapy Consultants to guide you toward your goal orientation harmonizing medical advice, from the professionals that brings you the best of Veda in a easy form. We provide you with full support through the difficult transition of any malignant disease, and help you with full coverage science and ancestral wisdom of Yantra- mantra- Jyotish medical report.


Life reading or Natal Report
This comprehensive reading includes an evaluation of the position of the planets at the moment of birth and each successive trend in each of the twelve planetary houses.

Karma Report:- Discover your past lives, your choices and how they formed your karmic heritage. Realize the lessons you are now to learn and take action to improve your current circumstances. This session reveals your purpose in this lifetime and helps you set the direction and goals to honor this purpose.

Past Life Report:- Studies your birth chart in terms of certain astrological academics involving Jupiter (cosmic credits), Saturn (lessons),Pluto (rebirth and transformation), retrograde planets (internalized energies and to finish up responsibilities from your past lives), the North Node (where you are evolving to), and the twelfth house (characteristics of your inner self). Life lessons are discussed.

Inner Healing Report:- Access the healing vibrations of essential elements using either Reiki, mantras, gemstones, pooja. or a combination of these.

Career Success
Assesses your strengths and weaknesses professionally and looks at the ideal times to make changes in your career, ask for an increase in income, invest for the growth of your enterprise, or choose business partners.

Travel Forecast
This assessment will include the ideal time, direction, safety measures, and possibility of fulfillment for either business or pleasure travel.

Planetary Motion Forecast
When planets move from one zodiac to another, this is called a planetary transit. As a result, there will be major change in human life on an individual, geographic or collective level.

The Couples or Partnership Report
This report merges the birth information of both people in order to provide an in-depth investigation of the relationship as a unique entity.
This report is for 2 people. The relationship is evaluated in eight categories for likelihood of compatibility and long term success.


Commercial Vastu

Small offices or worksites
Industrial sites
Location of Property and purchasing recommendations
Banquet Halls

Residential Vastu

Pooja Room
Living Area
Drawing Room
Childrens' Room
Area for study

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